Awareness Camp for Implementation of Cluster Development Programme in Khoupum Cluster under National Handloom Development Programme.

Empowering Khoupum Weavers: Successful Awareness Camp for National Handloom Development Programme


Government officials and industry leaders join forces for the Cluster Development Programme

Date: April 5, 2023

Location: Thanagong Village, Khoupum, Noney District

In a significant stride towards the upliftment of the handloom industry in Khoupum, an impactful Awareness Camp for the implementation of the Cluster Development Programme under the National Handloom Development Programme was held on Wednesday, the 5th of April 2023. The event, hosted at Thanagong Village in Khoupum, garnered attention with the presence of esteemed Chief Guest Shri M. Ibohal Singh, Assistant Director of Weaver Service Center Imphal, Ministry of Textile, Government of India.

Distinguished Guests and Their Insights:

Smt Phungringla, Project Manager of District Handloom & Textiles, Noney District, presided over the event as the President, emphasizing the local administration’s commitment to fostering the growth of the handloom sector. Shri Th. Basanta Singh, General Manager of MHHDC Ltd, and Shri Joshua Dangmei, President of M/S Delite Weaver’s & Handicraft Co-operative Society Ltd., graced the occasion as Guests of Honour, sharing their expertise and success stories.

Key Highlights:

The Chief Guest, Shri M. Ibohal Singh, articulated the government’s dedication to supporting local weavers and ensuring the success of the Cluster Development Programme. He stressed the need for collaborative efforts and highlighted the role of such initiatives in the socio-economic development of the region.

President Smt Phungringla acknowledged the significance of the Cluster Development Programme, expressing confidence in its positive impact on the weavers in Khoupum. She urged the community to actively participate and embrace the opportunities presented by the programme.

The Guests of Honour, Shri Th. Basanta Singh and Shri Joshua Dangmei, added a valuable perspective to the event, providing insights into the role of both the private sector and cooperative societies in contributing to the growth of the handloom industry.

Community Participation:

The event witnessed active participation from local weavers, artisans, and members of cooperative societies. Interactive sessions allowed community members to seek clarifications and engage with the officials and industry leaders, fostering a sense of community ownership and commitment.

Commitments and Roadmap:

Towards the conclusion of the awareness camp, key stakeholders made commitments to ensure the seamless implementation of the Cluster Development Programme. A roadmap for the next steps, including training sessions, resource allocation, and monitoring mechanisms, was discussed and agreed upon, setting a positive tone for the future of handloom development in Khoupum.

The successful awareness camp marked a crucial step forward in empowering Khoupum weavers and strengthening the handloom industry. With the support of government officials, industry leaders, and the active participation of the local community, Khoupum is poised for significant growth in the handloom sector.